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Timeless Heirloom Treasures
Commissioned Art
​Ed welcomes the opportunity to work with clients to create commissioned works of art. From conception through completion, Ed works closely with each client to bring their vision to reality.  

In his most comprehensive commissioned piece, Ed was given the opportunity to put his carving abilities and historical knowledge of the Madison Valley into a masterpiece of relief sculpture. He was commissioned to carve the history of the valley from prehistoric times to present day on a 25-foot center slab of Douglas fir, now hanging at the Sun Ranch in the Madison Valley.

Other memorable commissions include the National Wildlife Federation's Montana Grayling and Snake River Sockeye endangered species stamps. Because of his reputation for creating beautifully carved birds, the International World Waterfowl Association, an organization that works to preserve rare and endangered waterfowl around the world, commissioned Ed to sculpt a bronze canvasback duck for their ongoing yearly award. Avista Utilities of Washington State commissioned a painting depicting native fish, including the Bull Trout, commemorating their restoration efforts on the Clark Fork River. In 2011, the Madison River Foundation came to Ed for a painting to raise funds to be used in preserving the Madison River corridor. 

From private collectors to foundations to large international corporations, Ed's portfolio of commissioned pieces is extensive.
Bring Your Vision To Life
"Snake River Sockeye Salmon"
Commissioned and Featured in the
Endangered Species Edition of
National Wildlife
Oils, 30" x 36"  $9,000   SOLD
Integrated Original Oil Painting with Original Wood Carvings"
$11,000   SOLD
Life Size - Original Wood Carving
$18,000    SOLD
Oils, 47.5" x 23.5" , $17,600   SOLD
Original Wood Carving - Life Size  
$1500   SOLD
Carved and Textured, $30,000  SOLD
Integrated Original Oil Painting 27" x 11.5"  with Life Size Original Wood Carving
$10,000   SOLD
Integrated Original Oil Painting  30" x 12.5"  with Live Size Original Wood Carving,  $10,000   SOLD
25'  x 32" x 8" - Douglas Fir Center Slab Carving   SOLD
"CLARK FORK SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT"  Commissioned by Avista Utilities.   SOLD
"NATIONAL TROUT UNLIMITED" commissioned original oil for prints program.
Carved on site.  Commissioned by private collector.
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