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Timeless Heirloom Treasures
Wood Carvings
Ed is a highly skilled master wildlife woodcarver, with a deep knowledge of animal anatomy and a strong intuition about how to release the animal from the wood that holds it. He especially enjoys carving intricate life-like birds, and he has a long list of aviary creations in his portfolio.

The exceptional beauty of these highly detailed works of art make them a unique addition to any collection. Realistically textured with exquisite detail, Ed's bird carvings are always life size.

Carvings of other animals are available on a commissioned basis. 
Bringing Nature To Life
"RED TAILED HAWK" - Life Size,  $28,000  SOLD
"CANVAS BACK" - Life Size,   $12,000  (View One)
"CANVAS BACK" - (View Two)
Life Size,  $1500    SOLD
Life Size,   $18,000   SOLD
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Your Vision Made Real
"CHANDALIER" - Carved and Textured  $30,000 SOLD  (View One)
"CHANDALIER"  (View Two)
From your imagination, to the drawing board, to reality...storyboard art can bring your vision to life. Storyboards are illustrations presented in a sequence designed to tell a story.  

They are ideal for businesses that want to record their journey to success, or for collectors who want a lasting, unique piece of heirloom art that will be part of their family's history for generations to come.

Ed was given the opportunity to put his storyboard carving abilities and historical knowledge of the Madison Valley into a masterpiece of relief sculpture when he was commissioned to carve the history of the valley. His unique storyboard, carved on a 25-foot center slab of Douglas fir, starts with carvings illustrating pre-historic times and evolves to present day images. This dramatic work is now hanging at the Sun Ranch in the Madison Valley.

Ed's beautiful, intricately carved wood storyboards grace the walls of many private collectors and businesses across the country. In addition to wooden relief carvings, a storyboard can also be done as a painting.
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Totem Pole Carvings
An Ancient Tradition Brought To Life
A majestic, custom made totem pole can provide a special welcome to guests arriving at your home or business. Ed's distinctive style of artistic symbolism, along with his skilled hand-carving and painting, will provide a unique work of art that will create a lasting impression and become part of your family's or company's heritage for generations to come. 

Each totem pole is uniquely designed to match the client's interests and needs. Totem carvings can tell a story, depict favorite animals, celebrate a special occasion...the possibilities are endless. Several sizes are available, making them affordable for private collectors as well as corporations and small businesses.
"TOTEM POLE" - 27' x 9'   $50,000  SOLD
"TOTEM POLE"  (View Two)
"TOTEM POLE"  (View Three)
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25'  x 32" x 8" - Douglas Fir Center Slab Carving
View One
25' Douglas Fir Carving
View Two
25' Douglas Fir Carving
View Three
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